Saturday, February 2, 2008

My February List

I don't think I have made my list for February yet and since the Groundhog DID see his shadow..I know I have at LEAST six more weeks of excellent knitting ahead of me. But since I live in Minnesota we could probably be safe in doubling the amount of weeks left of winter. At any rate, here is my list for February.
1. Sheldon the Turtle for a baby due 2/14 (carry over from January)
2. Purple Baby Shrug for nephew's baby due 2/14
3. Husband's Sweater for his birthday 10/29
4. Palette Scarf (carry over from January)

I have big hopes for a short month and I am excited about every single project!!
See you around,
Monica a.k.a Monacular

1 comment:

laughing purple goldfish said...

when you're excited about your projects, it is so much easier to commit to them and get them completed

so you're off to a good start there!