Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sash's February List!

Rightio - turns out I didn't finish anything at all on my January list, but that's OK! This is about AIMING for these goals, not punishing myself when I don't make it there!!

So from my January list...

Flowerbasket Shawl - Gran - ASAP - ROLLOVER

Hiking Socks - Dad - ASAP - One finished! ROLLOVER

Soaker - Baby Bosko - End Feb - REMOVED for now, too much going on!

Washcloth - Cousins - Dec 08 - ROLLOVER

So that leaves my February list looking like...
  1. Flowerbasket Shawl - Gran - for love - ASAP!
  2. Hiking Socks, toe up - Dad - Bleated Chrissie 07 - ASAP!
  3. Washcloth - cousins - Festivuss - Dec 08
To be truly realistic I'm keeping it even SHORTER than my January list! If I end up starting on the bubby soaker for a bit of variety, that's ok, but I'm not putting it up as a goal because I want to focus to be on the socks and shawl for now!

I've actually started on a spur-of-the-moment, instant gratification knit and have almost finished it! I was thinking of it for either August birthday or Chrissie this year, for my Sister in Law - perfect!! Just need to add buttons then will upload pictures of my first Year Long KAL FO! Hurrah!! :)

p.s. GREAT work everyone!! You all amaze and inspire me with your needles of FIRE!


laughing purple goldfish said...

I agree... the whole idea of this gift-along is to avoid the craziness of holiday season

the fact that you are even THINKING about gifts this early in the year is magnificent

after all, it's only february :)

Sasha said...
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