Monday, March 10, 2008

BrownBerry's March List

Hello all!
So I've let March get fully underway before posting my list! Tsk Tsk :)
Here's what I had last month:

1. Baby Cardigan/Baby Brown/His Debut/Feb 15(a rollover from my Jan list) - SCRATCHING THIS ONE - baby is here and cardigan weather won't last long

2. Sarong / Neicey/ Thank You Gift / Feb 16 - SCRATCHING THIS ONE - I started this and miscalculated yarn amounts; our cruise vacation is now over (awwww) so her next knitted gift will be for her birthday or Christmas

3. Shawl/Mama Nasby/Birthday Gift / Oct 08 - REVISING THIS; I'm obsessed with the idea of doing a Hemlock Ring so that is going be my "big" project for this year

So here's my real March list:

1. Baby Socks/Baby Welcome Gift/ Secret Baby Shower/May 1
2. Baby Hat/ Baby Welcome Gift/ Secret Baby Shower/May 1
3. Small Afghan/Mama Nasby/Birthday Gift / Oct 08 - My goal for March is to find the right yarn for this and CO


YarnMouse said...

Oh, I really wanna try that Hemlock Ring afghan!!! Let me know how it goes for you if you do it!


indytricoter said...

It seems like babies are everywhere doesn't it, half my knitting is for babies right now! it is so fun though and unless you are making a blanket the projects go pretty fast! Have fun! can't wait to see your baby stuff.