Monday, March 31, 2008

Easy Peasy… NOT!!!

For some reason, March got away from me. I don’t feel like I got a lot done. Eh. Whatevs. Perhaps it is the fact that I will be moving across the country in two weeks. Maybe I just got lazy. Well, here is what I accomplished.

1. fininsh that stupid skarf! (DONE!! It only took me six months.!!)
2. a hat for my old roomie, by monday night!!! (DONE!! The malabrigo was totally awesome, even if I did finish it late, and had to mail it off)
3. start a babette (at least 10 squares). ROLLOVER
4. start a pair of socks (my first ever) ROLLOVER but I did swatch for them.
5. a slouchy copy cat hat for my sister. (to be kept in queue until I want to make this.)
6. a ripple afghan (by MAY) ROLLOVER I am half way done.
7. four dishcloths ROLLOVER again with the halfway dones!

in april i also want to swatch for a CPH, cast on some fingerless gloves, and maybe a pair of Mosey. i know that seems like a bunch, but I am hoping that I get quite a lot done in april, as I will be having two weeks of vacationing, and traveling by car.

And sorry for the lack of pictures, but it is 2:30 in the morning, and I don’t feel like dealing with my camera

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