Monday, March 24, 2008

February , March, April. . . where has the time gone?!

WOW. . . Sorry I haven't updated more often. But here it goes.

This is a FO. . . baby blanket for my friend Candice. She is having a boy and is due any day now. I gave it to her about two weeks ago.

This is my other FO. . . a baby blanket for my cousin's baby girl Maddie. I gave it to her for Easter.

As for what I'm working on. . . since it is late March this is actually my April list. Here it is:

April and Joe's baby blanket (boy) She is due in August. - haven't started

Matthew and Sabrina's baby blanket (girl) She is due in July. - haven't started

Lisa and Wesley's baby blanket (don't know yet) She is due in October. - haven't started

Grandma's Mary Jane Slippers - Mother's Day gift (May) - 50% done

Enterlac Wrap for my Mom - Mother's Day gift - 75% done

Ocean Waves Throw for my best friend Kristin - Christmas gift - 45% done

Other projects . . . well I have a ton of yarn I want to use but no projects in mind and I have a ton of projects I want to do and no yarn to get started. But for now this is enough to keep me busy.
I promise to do better at posting.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!
Nicole H

FYI - I've learned to knit and am currently working on a knitted scarf for myself.


vegasangelbrat said...

Wow..pretty baby blankets! Great job!

coley8301 said...

Thank you!

Sasha said...

The blankets look great! Good luck with your April knits :)

Tina said...

The blankets are beautiful. I was wondering about the Ocean Waves throw. I'm trying to start on it, but find that I'm not sure that the pattern is correct. I'm using the pattern from the Crochet Today magazine and my waves seem to want to come around in a circle (or more like a square) back not laying flat at all. Any suggestions, did you find any mistakes in the pattern? There are no corrections posted for this pattern at the magazine site.
Thanks so much!