Monday, March 31, 2008

indytricoter's April List

Here is my April List

1. Cell Phone Sleeve/husband/ belated valentine's day present
2. Golf Club Cover/husband/anniversary gift/May 1
3. Set of 3 Can Cozies/ brother in law/aniversary gift/may 1
4. Hat/husband/belated valentines day - yes this is still the hat I have been making for months. I just am not motivated. He can't wear it anymore and it is nice, I am daydreaming about lighter knits right now and just can't focus on it. It may not get done this month either, but having it on here helps me at lest to make progress on it.

1 comment:

laughing purple goldfish said...

any progress is good progress! you'll get there, and be so pleased when you do :)