Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sara's April List

I'm just having so much fun with this gift-a-long and getting tons of knitting done! I finished everything except the pair of socks last month, so I'm putting those on this month's list to finish. 

April List:
1. Finish Socks, for me just because; 1.5 down, .5 to go
2. My So Called Scarf, xmas gift box. 
3. More washcloths, gift box
4. Dashing, Brian, xmas

There are a bunch of scarves I really want to make as well, but not sure yet which I'll cast on. I'm looking at Drop Stitch Scarf and Stork's Nest Scarf among others. I've been doing an awesome job of knitting all the gifts just from my stash, but I don't yet have the right yarn for the dashing, and I'm hoping to make several pair for gift's for the guys in my life. It's possible I could get away with holding two yarns together, but I may just have to make a trip to my lys for some new yarn!

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Sasha said...

I'm completely enamoured with the drop stitch scarf too! Good luck with your April knits - may your needles be quick and true!