Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sasha's Addition to March!

My GOODNESS! I have a very important item to add to my March list - so much has it been on my mind that I even overlooked it for the list! ha!

My shveetum has a birthday coming up soon, and whilst I haven't much time, I want to knit him up some little treats :) I pondered on maybe some 8ply (dk) socks, but ended up going with some stubby holders knit in the yarn we dyed together a while back - yay!! They'll be a nice quick knit and he'll use them ALL the time - great!

So now my March list is...
  • Flower Basket Shawl - Gran - for love - ASAP
  • Hiking socks - Dad - belated chrissie/love - ASAP
  • String Bag - close friend Bink - Birthday - 30 March
  • Stubby Holders - Scrumptious Bum - birfday - By end March
Wish me luck and flamingly speedy needles!

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