Monday, March 3, 2008

Sasha's February wrap up and on with March!

Phew! Life ran away with me for a while there - so I haven't been posting much lately I'm afraid! February saw me finish a few items, including some impulse and unexpected goodies, and tonk along on the two seemingly ongoing-and-going-and-going projects too!

I finished the beanie I knit for Dad, based on the Thorpe pattern with a few modifications. We both LOVE it!
Dad's beanie
I'm so happy with how it turned out and Dad's thrilled to bits - yay :)
Dad's Oceanic
It wasn't really on my list, because I thought I'd finish his socks first, but it jumped up at me and demanded to be knit immediately, and how could I refuse? A friend's birthday came upon me quite unexpectedly so I whipped out the spinning wheel and spun up a vivid skein in pinks and purples for her.
pink purple pop
I know it's not knitting or crochet - but I still count it as an F.O ;)

I knocked out a Squidge cloth too, to go into my Christmas stash - for one of my numerous cousins, or someone that pops in unexpectedly! I think I'll try to do one of these at least every 2 months so I have a nice little supply come December!

I'm still at the 33% mark with Gran's shawl - I really need to make the time to sit and knit it - I really enjoy knitting it when I get to it! Dad's socks are coming along well (when I don't get distracted by more flashy and exciting knits!) with the first one done and the next one up tp the heel. If I can just concentrate on them for a day or so I might get them done!

So here's my March list:
  • Flower Basket Shawl - Gran - for love - ASAP
  • Hiking socks - Dad - belated chrissie/love - ASAP
  • String Bag - close friend Bink - Birthday - 30 March
I'm going to leave it at just those three, because I'll be working on my own projects too (Central Park Hoodie, Clapotis etc..) and knitting time can only be stretched so far! If I get some extra time I BADLY want to cast on for some soakers for another close friend's bub - but we'll see! All the best for March everyone - I must say you've all been kicking some serious arse with your knitting accomplishment! Hurrah for organised knitting! Wheeee! :)


Sara said...

I love the handspun. Those colors are awesome and totally fun!

vegasangelbrat said...

The yarn is beautiful! Love the hat, great job!! Keep up the god work!

suzenew said...

That hat is so pretty and looks so cozy and I love the colors of the yarn. It is definitely a FO to be proud of!