Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April list

Hi all -
Well I've been working away at another Celtic Tote for my March list only to realize that it wasn't on my list! Which is ok since I haven't quite finished (hopefully by this weekend). Therefore I clearly didn't finish (or even start) the socks that WERE on the list...

Marce's prize for the Q3 challenge has me thinking hard about what to start. I swatched for a Voyager Stole a while ago, but never got going with it so that will be my lace project for the challenge.

It's a busy month ahead and I doubt I'll get thru the 5 April items, but here's a full list anyway:

1. Celtic Tote/tbd/April 10
2. Bias Bag/tbd/April 30
3. Carrie Lynn Bag/tbd/April 30
4. Carryover: Jaywalker Socks/tbd/April 30
5. Pebble Beach Socks/tbd/April 30

Q2 Challenge: Voyager Stole

Congrats to those that made it thru their lists so far and any part thereof!

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