Friday, April 4, 2008

arghhh... hit an obstacle already!

Well, I launched right into this afghan and was loving the results. Then I realised how much yarn I was using up. Since this was such a spur of the moment project, I just grabbed some yarn from my stash and started hooking... without really thinking it through. I'm not going to have enough yarn in the desired colours.

Just buy some more?

Well, there's the problem. I'm dedicated to using reclaimed yarns. I love them and so does the birthday girl. So I have some jumpers waiting in my unravelling stash which will be perfect. But now I have to frog them, skein them, wash them, dry them and then ball them before I can hook them!!!

So this weekend will be spent preparing the yarn. My fingers are crossed for some good 'drying' weather. Warm and windy would be perfect! Then I can get back to the task at hand.

Here's the progress to date:

kd40 afghan (progress2)


vegasangelbrat said...

Rootin for the good weatehr for you..we know you can do it!
It is looking beautiful too, love the colors that you put together.
Good Luck and Happy Frogging (knowing it going to a good cause)

suzenew said...

its looking good and i applaud your recycling spirit! here's hoping that the weather cooperates.

Michelle said...

This is looking really pretty, I love your design and the colors are lovely. Good luck with the frogging and the weather! Sometimes I work better with a bit of pressure, it makes it sort of exciting to get a project done. Keep going girl, you can do it! xxx