Friday, April 4, 2008

Finally Mary B April List & QC-2

Well it certainly has been busy around this place I had my list all ready to post, but am afraid I have to go light this month. I don't' need failures starting now. Unfortunately I just had to call the vet and make an appt to have my 1 dog put down. We go on Tuesday morning @ 8am. Something I've never had to do before and I know being busy is what I'll be trying to do, but not sure what effects will take place with this one..she's mom's baby. I'm only home today from work cause of a panic call from my son cause she had a seizure. Guess me going back to work is the culprit of her problems.
Anyways my list for this month is:

Pocket Scarf- started 3 months ago, hoping now will get finished..for gift box
Pair Felted Slippers- sons girlfriend- possibly sooner than Christmas time
Convertible Mittens-grandson-Christmas
Convertible Mittens-granddaughter-Christmas

All patterns are from books I have so there no link to post. Will post pic's as I get them done. I'm gonna try for the QC-2 to make myself that Angel Afghan. I made one once before for a swap pal and really loved it and want one for me. Hope I can swing this!!

Just want to let you all know that your all doing a fantastic job! I get so many ideas from things you all post, it'll help with future lists! Keep up the good work!!

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laughing purple goldfish said...

my heart goes out to you... it's such a hard thing to say goodbye to a special friend :(

I hope you can treat yourself to that angel afghan really soon, the pattern is gorgeous