Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well, again, it's not a Christmas gift, but . . .

I have another FO. This is a handbag I made for a friend's birthday. I didn't get it done in time for her actual b-day, but I'm not really really late (yet). This started out to be a rectangular shoulder bag, but when I felted it, the top made a nice ruffled effect. So I just changed gears and made handles instead of a shoulder bag.
I also finished my first Hazy Paves scarf tonight. I have it blocking right now and will post a pic when it's dry. This one is for me, but I plan to start the one for my mom this weekend. I'm also going to start on the baby afghan this weekend, which I think will be my 2QChallenge entry.
1. Hazy Paves scarf - mom - Christmas gift - December 1
2. Felted clogs - husband - Christmas gift - December 15
3. Baby afghan - friend - new grandbaby - October
4. French Market Bag - friend - birthday - June 1
5. Cupcake - friend - birthday - July 1


laughing purple goldfish said...

loving those colours... so rich... gorgeous

LeAnn said...

Thank you very much!

Sasha said...

Your list looks great and the bag is gorgeous! Franch markset bag and the clogs are things I must add to my list to try out felting!