Monday, June 30, 2008

a BIG FO, a little FO and a list.

i thought i would have finished earlier, but i seemed to have underestimated the power of a 1 year old. i believe he was a cat in his past life... everytime i would sit down to work on babette, he would crawl into my lap and just sit. there was a lot of "arrrgh!"-ing.

but here is the finished thing.

i used a single crochet to "stitch" everything together. it makes for a nice reverse...

kind of looks like a stained glass window.

other than that, i finished a pair of wristys. these will be for a girlfriend of mine. i plan on making some more, as they were fast and easy. just like i like it.

that is my husband in the background, stealing pieces of babette (sometimes it felt like the men were against me!)

as for my july list
1. finish the star baby blanket for my new niece.
2. another pair of wristys for my ma
3. finish another swiffer cover.
4. start another baby blanket for another new niece
5. start a sweater... for someone...


Marce (BrownBerry) said...


laughing purple goldfish said...

love your babette... nice colour selection

Sara said...

Your babette is beautiful!