Monday, June 30, 2008

BIG Finish?

Hello Gift-a-Longers!

I know that this time of year can get more and more hectic - school is out, kids are home and looking to be entertained, graduations, weddings, and all the fun in the sun activities we've been missing.

I want to say a big WAY TO GO for those of you who've succeeded in completing the Q2 Challenge. Today is the last day to complete your entry, so I won't count the Challenge officially closed until midnight eastern time. ;)

Many of you are still aiming to finish gifts in time for the upcoming holidays in Q4, and having seen what you've been able to accomplish already, I just know you're going to outdo yourselves this year. Stress free gifting is still our goal, and I'm positive that we can meet it!

I'll announce the winner of the Q2 Challenge drawing on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.
I'm still mulling over what the Q3 Challenge will be, so more on that soon.

Remember, every stitch counts, so even if you haven't been churning out the gifts because life priorities have changed, DON'T STRESS! We still have time to be early and on-time with our giving.

Be well everyone!

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