Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Couple FO's

Wow, this month is flying by too, but I do have a couple FO's even though they were not on my list. One item on my list came to a stand still, not enough yarn left to do the mate but will post the one I did get done.
Here are a couple knitted cloths, yes, I can say I knit now...lol, reason taking so long and nothing else getting done, but here are a couple dishcloths I did, the swim suit being the last and the bestest one yet :)
Here is one half of a gift I was making till I ran out of the yarn I was using.
Fingerless gloves for my grandson, so until get more I will be putting this on hold for next month. Am hoping to get caught up with my list now that the kitchen stuff is finished and our A/C is fixed. Looking forward to getting back to my crocheting! Knitting is hard on my fingertips :)
I do love all the projects I've been seeing lately. you all are turning out some great gifts!! Keep up the good work!

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