Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finally an update and FO!

Life has been more than a little busy lately I'm afraid, and so my part in the internets has waned considerably! But now I've got a chance to get back in touch - comment on the 50 or so posts I've missed, and update with my gifting progress! :)

flowerbasket shawl FO may 08 015

I've finished one of my great big 2nd Quarter accomplishments - yay!! Gran's Flowerbasket Shawl was finished and gifted much to everyone's delight.

wisteria shawl model

Gran loves the shawl and admired the lacework which made me feel very special of course! Gran was the first person to introduce me to knitting many years ago when I was about 8, and although I didn't keep it up then, I feel so glad to have shown my appreciation to her with this lacework gift :)

flowerbasket shawl FO may 08 019

Now I really must re-assess my goals and what needs doing! I've been knitting to releive stress and simply for enjoyment while I've changed jobs, moved house and so on! But now things have settled a little more I think I can take another look and get on track! :)

Keep on keeping on everyone! I know I've been absent for a while, but knowing this blog is ticking along has still been inspiring - thanks everyone!! :)


laughing purple goldfish said...

your gran must have been so proud when she opened that gorgeous gift... and she would have genuinely appreciated every second of work that went into it... it looks wonderful

Sara said...

That is sooooooo beautiful! And I love your yarn choice. What yarn is that??

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh how beautiful!! Glad Gran enjoyed it so much! You do beautiful work:)