Saturday, June 7, 2008

Finally, a may FO

I've been MIA for a really, really long time (nearly two months?) due to many things (school, lost camera charger, etc) but I have another present finished!

Forecast, by Stephanie Japel
  1. Recipient is my sister, Elizabeth.
  2. The sweater is for her birthday in October. She'll be starting at College in the fall.
I made several mods, including:
  1. Omitting the bobbles, as many people have already done.
  2. Longer ribbing on both the body and sleeves
  3. less, but larger buttons. 5 instead of 10.
I think it's really lovely. I loved the pattern, the heathered yarn,and especially the buttons. I think she is really going to like it!

There are more details on my blog, and on ravelry.
I hope now that life is a little less crazy, I can be posting more of my FO's!



vegasangelbrat said...

Oh that is beautiful and your sister will love! Great job!!

Sara said...

That is adorable!

laughing purple goldfish said...

adore the buttons... nice choice :)