Tuesday, June 3, 2008

June Already?

Wow, hard to believe May flew by so fast and still I'm at the same point I was in April except better :) Hey Marce, can home redo's count? lol Afraid to say the only thing I did accomplish craft wise was the key chain purse and its not totally done. It needs a snap and the key chain part. I had gotten a couple more rows on Lady's blanket. Here's what I have so far
June will be better, my kitchen is all repainted and has new flooring down. That's what we were working on the past few weekends. With work being so busy and then home being busy to finish up I think writing up this post has been the longest I've sat in a while :) Been chasing around after the newest member in the family, puppy we named Coco and is she a wild child..lol
I wound up ripping out the convertible mittens as the yarn was too thick and they fit me so a frogging I went and haven't' restarted.
So my June List is :
Finish Lady's blanket
put a snap and keyring on key chain purse
pair of felted slippers (pink/black, sons girlfriend, Christmas
pair convertible gloves, grandson, Christmas
pair of convertible gloves, Granddaughter, Christmas
I should be able to get his done and maybe more. Need the month to sit and recoup for the back aches...lol

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Marce (BrownBerry) said...

So much going on and you still find time for great yarny-goodness! I love the look of that blanket already - keep it up!! But rest as needed ;)