Thursday, June 19, 2008

June Gifts...

Well I've been on a FO frenzy the last week or so...

Purple Syncopation Bag:
Purple Syncopation

Child's size Carie Lynn:
Child Bright Carie Lynn

Pink Picot Edge baby cardi (Debbie Bliss cashmerino) - although I confess that I knit this a long time ago, just needed to add the botton and closure to make it an FO!

Unbiased Bag with recycled Sari Silk:
Bias Sari Bag

Half-Linen Stitch scarf (I don't think I posted this one yet!)
Curious Creek Oban scarf

Phew! Ok.. .still working on the Voyager Stole for my Q2 Challenge. I thought I was done, but need to make it a bit longer.



laughing purple goldfish said...

yummy! my favourite is the sari silk bag.. followed closely by the syncopation bag

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh I love those bags!! Man have you been busy!! Keep up the great work!

Sara said...

Wow, so many fo's!!! They are all so beautiful. I love the sari silk bag most of all.

Sasha said...

Fantastic! Good work - very inspiring! I love that purple bag :)

Spatial Stitches said...

I like your syncopation bag. Your post reminded me that I've been wanting to make it!