Monday, June 2, 2008

May is done, welcome June

Though I have not been hanging out here much, I have been busy trying to accomplish my May goals.
So how did I do:

1. I completed my Sideways Spencer for me (and I love it!) though not by the May 15 deadline. Finishing can certainly be tedious, but worth it when it is done!

2. I completed the fuzzy socks for my Mom's birthday and they are winging their way to her. I think that they are a bit big but we will see what she thinks!

3. I have been plugging away on my 2Q challenge project - a baby wallaby and am close to the neck.

4. I have started on the socks for A that I am making for a going away present. So far they are really fun to make, but slow going.

5. Though this was not a stated goal, I got involved in some charity knitting and made 10 hats to be donated to hospitals for premature babies. These are just 2 examples.

I have to say that I feel pretty satisfied with May. So on to my June goals, which are:
1. Finish the Wallaby - June 30 - this is for the 2Q challenge
2. Finish A's socks - June 30 - this may be a stretch for me, but I am going to try!
3. Make one hat for charity knitting - June 30
4. Start a going away present for P - to be finished by July 30
5. To pick yarn and a pattern for a present for DH by June 30

Happy summertime knitting to all!


vegasangelbrat said...

You have been busy!! Wow, you do nice work and I love the colors. Nice job on the sweater and the Wallaby!! Keep up the great work:)

Spatial Stitches said...

I love your Sideways Spencer! I wish I could pull off wearing it.