Saturday, July 5, 2008

Q3 Challenge - Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Greetings again friends! This is the official announcement of our third quarter challenge. We're closer than we realize to the end of the year (yikes!) and like me, many of you still have visions of a stress free gifting Q4 dancing around in our heads. To help us along that path, here are the rules for the Q3 Challenge. To qualify as a contender you must complete the following:

1. Make Something old - finish an in-progress or unfinished gift that has been lingering in your project pile.

2. Make Something new - start and finish a new gift

3. Make Something special just for you - many times when gifting season comes, making things for ourselves is completely forgotten, so this is your chance to knit, crochet, sew something just for you!

Additional rules:
  • Please email BrownBerry at to accept the challenge
  • All 3 items must be completed by September 30th to qualify
  • Please post pictures or a description of what you plan to complete for each of the 3 items
  • Please email BrownBerry when you have finished all 3 parts of the challenge
  • Please tag your finished posts with "Q3ChallengeFO"
  • One Bonus entry will be given for any item that is completed for a Q4 gift

I'm going to give you only hints this time :) Hint #1 and Hint #2

ARE YOU IN??? I just know you can bring some energy and enthusiasm to this one! We're cheering you on to a Q3 Challenge victory!

P.S. Thanks for your patience with me recently, my work priorities seem like they have tripled, and some frequent travel has meant that I can't be as quick to respond as I would like - I'm tracking your great progress though, and doing my best to keep up with each of your posts and messages!

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