Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August list, and july recap

First July, then August.

July was painfully bad for “planned” gift-knitting, and surprisingly awesome for ‘unplanned’ gift-knitting. To re-cap:

  1. Slippers for my Dad (ravlink)(bloglink) / Christmas and Q3Challenge / December 08 / FINISHED!
  2. Muir for my sister-in-law (ravlink)(bloglink) / Christmas and Q3Challenge / September 30 / Notes: Using up stash yarn / Oh, how I fail. I worked diligently for half the month, then got bored and worked on other things instead. Boo.
  3. Bridesmaid scarf (ravlink)(bloglink) / Wedding / September 2009 / Notes: Each bridesmaid is getting something different, and this is the first of five / I actually got pretty far on the first one. I feel reasonably close to the end, and am proud of my progress!
  4. Headband for Alexandra (ravlink)(bloglink) / Birthday / July 26th 2008 / Finished in record time. Used up some yarn in my stash and knit up something quick for a lady who wants for nothing but time :)
  5. Neck Warmer for Rin (ravlink) / Random / Pending buttons / Photos coming soon!

And so! I have much more hope for August. I am going to try and be more organized about August, and plan better for gifts. No more like July!

1. Gift Item: Muir (ravlink)(bloglink)
Recipient: Sister-in-law
Occasion: Christmas / Q3Challenge
Deadline: September 30
Notes: I am determined that I will not flake out on this project this month. Just because I hate working with the yarn does not mean that the final result will not be worth all this effort.

2. Gift Item: Bridesmaid Saigon Scarf (ravlink)(bloglink)
Recipient: Kim, fiancé's sister
Occasion: Wedding
Deadline: September 2009
Notes: I made a lot of progress last month, and think that I can finish it in August.

Close-up of chart 2:

Close-up of chart 4 (in progress):

3. Gift Item: Fuzzy neck warmer (ravlink)
Recipient: Rin
Occasion: Just because
Deadline: August 30
Notes: I need to sew on buttons, weave in some ends, and ship it out to her.

4. Gift Item: Woodland Shawl (ravlink)
Recipient: Myself
Occasion: Q3Challenge
Deadline: September 30
Notes: I keep putting other projects ahead of this one. This is probably why it's in the Q3Challenge to knit something for yourself, because we always leave ourselves til the end. I WILL start this project this month.

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Sara said...

You're making great progress on the lace. It's looking beautiful!