Saturday, August 16, 2008

What happened to July?

Where did July go?! I'm impressed with everyone who has kept plugging away at their gift list! I have to admit mine has completely been waylaid by lack of knitting time due to the baby, and then we just moved last week so now I can't find anything! I do have plans for the holiday season and I hope to get back on track soon.

Here's my very short list for August:

  • Koolhaus hat / Brother / Christmas
  • 2 advent baby socks / Family / December

I might as well post the rest of my list as well!

  • 2 felted strawberry bags / Nieces / November (need time to ship!)
  • Market bag / SIL #1 / November (same as above)
  • Log Cabin Socks / FIL / December
  • Socks / Mom / December
  • Mittens / Aunt D / December
  • Teapot Cozy / Aunt S / December
  • 24 advent baby socks in total (so far I have done 6)
Of course there are other ideas out there -- I want to make some things for my boys and my hubby but I haven't decided what yet. I considered taking part in the Q3 challenge in that I'm trying to finish a cardigan for me, I should finish the felted squirrel for the lad, and I need to do that hat for my brother! But I'm not sure I should commit because I might not get there! It would help if I could find my needles first.

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