Friday, October 17, 2008

Q4 Challenge: RULES UPDATE (see #2)

A couple of months ago, one of our wonderful Gift-a-Longers Deborah (ravelry link) suggested that Q4 might be a good time to do some charity knitting, and I thought this would be PERFECT for our Q4 Challenge.

Knitting for others is clearly something that all of you in this group already do VERY well, so I know this type of giving will appeal to many of you. There is no shortage of people and animals in need everywhere, so the guidelines for this challenge will be somewhat loose - all knitting/sewing/crochet for a charitable cause counts!

This challenge will run from October 1 - December 12th.**

Here are the “official” rules to complete the challenge:

  1. Post a link out here to your favorite charity - this only takes a moment if you do a Google search or look through Ravelry groups, but it will make for a great resource when we’re finished! I’ll keep updating these links on our sidebar for easy reference.

  2. You’ll receive one entry for each item you donate. For anything over FOUR items you will get TWO entries for the prize drawing. (e.g. If you knit 5 items, that’s 6 entries)
    BONUS - If we have more than 8 participants, I’ll draw for TWO WINNERS!

  3. Post your projects as you go out here, and email Marce when you’ve completed the challenge.

  4. In your final Challenge Post tell us a little something about your finished items and please include a note about why you chose the specific charity/cause. This will help to inspire those of us who want to start (or continue) doing this kind of giving.

Yarn, pattern, and goodies will all be part of your reward for winning this challenge, but giving back to others is the real prize.

If you’ve been gifting along all year, you are probably feeling better about your finished gifts for the holidays, and you DESERVE that good feeling. Now let’s share it!!

Who’s in??

**If you had already started items for charity since October 1st, they count toward this challenge. We'll use the honor system ;)

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KimT said...

I am in! I have not finished one challenge, but I am determined to do it this time. I cannot believe we are in the final quarter of the year already!