Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Whole Year in Gifting: the Workplace edition

Last year I knit loads for my family & my fiance's family, but this year I wanted to put the most work into my work colleagues. At some point last year I decided that this year I would try to knit for every single teacher/administrator/assistant at the (small) school where I work, and I so almost made it. It was fun, it was satisfying, but I have to admit, at times... it was stressful. I think I might take next year off from that particular kind of guerilla gifting. I managed this project by having a word document with a big table where I kept everyone's name and notes about what I thought I might make them, or if there was an FO or WIP I could check off the list.

In any case, here's what I managed to produce! Thanks belong to my little ones at school who got to practice modeling knitwear. You never know where that might take them.

1. Socks for Vickie

2. Socks for Sandy (yep, two pairs squeezed from the same ball! Luckily, one pair is a size 6. Teeny tiny.)

3. Scarf for Elizabeth: modular diamonds in a fancy Noro angora blend)

4. Scarf for Beverlee (a fiery Chevron scarf- so addictive to knit!)

5. Scarf for Mary-Lou

6. Scarf for Kristen (pattern is My So-Called Scarf, which for some reason I found really boring.)

7. Scarf for Nicole- longways Noro stripes, anyone? SO much fun.

8. Shawl for Holly (my 1st lacework, and totally a pattern I want to make again)

9. Cowl for Katie

10. Ballband dishcloth for Charlotte (see group pic above; somehow I missed taking an individual shot!)

11-12. Hat for Shannon (middle) and hat for Lisa (right). [I'm keeping the one on the left for now]

13. Beret for Angela

[there were a few more presents but I ended up doign quick polymer clay projects... at least they were hand-made.]

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Marce (BrownBerry) said...

Absolutely amazing.
And to think what effect it had for the students to be able to try on all that great stuff!! I think a knitter or two will emerge for sure!