Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2008 List started

Here is the beginning for my 2008 list. I plan on making several large felted bowls and filling each with hand sized face cloths - crocheted and knitted, along with a back scrubber (probably crocheted), a hand towel and assorted soaps or bath gels. The slouch hat (le slouche) that I knitted this year for myself and my mother was a big hit so I plan on knitting several of those. Hats and mittens are always called for. Some things will change later in the year and styles and wants change often when it comes to grandkids. I also plan on knitting more socks. I love the fetching fingerless mitts so will probably knit some of the dashing pattern too. Can't wait for each issue of knitty for more ideas.

Linda Bohrn

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BrownBerry said...

Linda, this is a great start!!
Remember to post as Gift/Recipient/Deadline so that I can help you keep track of your progress (each finish gets you an entry for prize!)

Cheering you on to get these great choices completed early!