Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Raring to Go

Hi! I'm Deborah (goldiegirl for those on Ravelry). This is the first knitalong I've ever joined. I don't know how other gift knit alongs are structured, but I really like the "rules" of this one. Setting realistic monthly goals and posting regular updates are really going to motivate me to make gifts that I am going to be very happy to have a year from now.

I'm always telling myself that I don't knit much for other people - just the few that really appreciate it. But come December, I am wishing I had time to make more gifts instead of having to shop for random gifts.

So I've already taken all those last-minute ideas I had this year and started a list for the coming year. Most of the gifts I am planning to give are small ones (fingerless mitts, neckwarmers, tea cozies, etc.) Having the list makes it easier to target stash yarn that I can use up. I have also made a list of exactly what I'll need to buy, which will prevent overstashing.

I've also got several sewing projects on the list. I'm very excited about getting back into sewing, having abandoned it since I learned to knit about six years ago. One of my January projects is going to be a cotton kimono from Amy Butler's pattern book, In Stitches.

Thanks for starting this up, Marce!


BrownBerry said...


This post shows EXACTLY the kind of attitude that will help us succeed in this quest. And your idea to do several smaller items is a good one. Looking forward to your progress!

Cristina said...

You go girl, i'm watching you so i can copy you! This is the year ( like Oprah) for us to make a better presents for chritsmas and other events around the year!