Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Made it through Christmas!

Well here we are, Boxing Day, and I have already made my list for knitting dishcloths xmas 08. I went through my pile of patterns and have marked the ones I would like to knit again or new patterns that I have had for a while but haven't had time to knit. I figure I can knit three a month, no problem, as well as my regular knitting.

Those this year who received fingerless mitts have already suggested a matching scarf for next year........ we'll see.

I still have one boys baby blanket to make for a January birthday and since we haven't heard of the new Christmas arrival, a brother or sister, will have another baby blanket to finish before I start any other 08 xmas knitting. I figure if I actually type it out, and see it posted I may stick to the plan?!? yeah right.

Ooops, got to run, we are supposed to be at the neighbors for dinner.......... later
Barbara aka Soccermom

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