Thursday, December 27, 2007

BrownBerry's January Gift List

Blue Sky Alpacas - Organic Cotton 2

I have to start by saying how thrilled I am to see the response to this Gift-a-Long. The more the merrier I say, and we're building quite a cheering section here. I am notorious for procrastinating, so I'm hoping to see the benefits of this GAL just like everyone else. To break my habit of waiting until the last minute, I'm going to start my gift list now:

Gift Item / Recipient / Occasion/ Deadline

1. Newborn Hat / Tina's Baby / Baby Gift / Jan 15
2. Newborn Hat / Raoul Jr / Baby Gift / Jan 25
3. Baby Bolero / Raoul Jr / Baby Gift / Jan 25
4. Grownup Bonnet / Opal / Just Because / Feb 15
5. Newborn Hat / Sandy's Baby / Baby Gift / Feb 28

I'm using my Ravelry queue to organize these items (feel free to visit my profile over there) .

Your turn! :) I will be tagging my posts with "[month] Gift List" to help keep track throughout the year. Using blogger's Dashboard and Post editing feature is much easier when things are tagged. If you want more info on using these features, just send me an email.

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