Thursday, January 31, 2008

Almost made it!!! :)

Well, I almost made it! Got most of my list done:

1) Tudora/a friend/Holiday giftJan 31 Done!
2) Calorimetry/Erin/Valentines Day/Jan 31 Done!
3) Complete Extended CAL as far as I have the clues/a friend/Valentines Day/Jan 31 Done!
4) Baby afghan/a friend/not sure/Jan 31 Done!
5) Dishcloth/my mother/Valentine's Day/Jan 31 Started!

So, the dishcloth gets rolled to February! Pictures will follow in a day or two (after I find my camera... sigh). I will start planning my February list and have it up soon, too.



laughing purple goldfish said...

looking forward to seeing the photos

Barbara said...

finished 4 of your 5 projects, good for you!