Thursday, January 10, 2008

BrownBerry's January FO's

I'm jumping into the finisher's pile :)

I finished all 3 of the baby hats on my list, and since the wee models haven't arrived yet, I consider this an "on time" finish :)

Photos of the first 2 are shown here and I'll edit to add the 3rd a little later.

Baby Brown Hats Finished

For one of the items remaining, the baby bolero, I may consider switching this out for a simple newborn cardigan since I haven't seen the best reviews on the bolero from the OneSkein book. So to summarize...

1 - Newborn Hat / Tina's Baby / Baby Gift / Jan 15 - FO
2 - Newborn Hat / Raoul Jr / Baby Gift / Jan 25 - FO
3 - Newborn Sweater/ Raoul Jr / Baby Gift / Jan 25 - Pending new pattern...
4 - Nomad Hat & Scarf / Opal / Just Because / Feb 15
5 - Newborn Hat / Sandy's Baby / Baby Gift / Feb 28 - FO


KimT said...

The hats are so sweet! Great job!

KnittinChick said...

I love the buttons on the hats! I'm inspired to pull out my button stash.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Those hats are adorable!

Jennifer said...

Okay - now these are just too cute!! I have been on a baby kick, just might have to make one of these! Nice finish :)