Saturday, January 12, 2008

January Goals

Hi folks,

I'm pleased to join you here and since my first goal for this year is to finish all the overdue gifts from this year, I can certainly use the support. So without further ado, my first five projects:
  1. Finish the almost, but not quite done yet projects from last year (two scarves, felted backpack, water bottle cozies, and two teddy bears - all but one bear at least 50% done)
  2. Cast on and work at least one ball of yarn for afghan from Knitting Nature for Dad - Christmas. [1/17 the yarn is in the mail]
  3. Felted slippers for Dad - 3/13 (his birthday) per his request at Christmas.
  4. Four washclothes for Mom - Mother's Day.
  5. Start pair of socks for one of my cousins-in-law - Christgiving. [started 1/12-yea!]
No, Christgiving is not a typo. In our family we celebrate the extended family kickoff to Christmas on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Oh, and I accept the Q1 challenge. I'll need to add a second project next month for it.

Congratulations to (and I'm officially jealous of) those of you have already finished a project for next year already.

Good luck all,
Carol the Tardy
aka stillstranding on both blogger and ravelry

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