Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm here now!

finally made it in!

who am I to let a lack of tech knowledge get in my way ;)

and I'm loving the idea of this group... not only is it a fabulous encouragement to get organised, but I also love seeing what others are planning to make... which gives me more ideas for those trickier people I need to make something for

washers / female / christmas / december 25... finished
flower cloth

hat / katie / just for fun / asap... finished

gardening bag / maria / birthday / march ... wip

healing wrap / mum / unwell / asap... wip

socks / mum / mothers day / may


BrownBerry said...

These are both gorgeous!

Can you share the link for either of them, or both :)

vegasangelbrat said... the wahsers??? Neat hat, can you share the link as I see its crochet!
Thanks in advance.

LizzieK8 said...

Which is cuter? The hat or the model?

suzenew said...

both are great looking, but the model makes the hat!