Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January Gift List

Sorry I am a day late putting up my January list. I just got home from vacation in North Carolina. Here are my January projects:

  • a scarf for a friend- needs to be done by the 9th, it is half way there.
  • baby blanket for my soon-to -be born niece or nephew
  • sweater for my grandma's dog (was supposed to be a Christmas present but I miss judged the size and am starting over)
  • another scarf (also was supposed to be a Christmas present but I got behind)

I think that is all for January. I have made progress on the baby blanket already while on vacation, I'll post some photos tomorrow.

Happy Knitting everyone.


BrownBerry said...

Great list Jessica. I'm cheering you on for your first finish by the 9th!

LizzieK8 said...

Keep on knittin'! Keep on knittin'! Keep on knittin'! (apologies to Dory!)

indytricoter said...

Thanks for the encouragement. My project for the 9th is not complicated, it's just a garter scarf, but I have so much less time to knit than I would like... so it really will be an accomplishment.