Thursday, January 31, 2008

January Goals Done!

Scarf-Elisa-Birthday DONE
Hat-Chiti-Birthday DONE
Skinny scarf and Hat set-Me-Just Because-DONE
Sock-Me-Just because-Done!


Beanie and Neck Warmer-Me-Just Because-Done (this was extra)

February Goals:

Baby Bunting-Me-ASAP Due ASAP
Baby leg Warmers-Naomi Grace-Shower Gift-3/1/08
4 Wash Cloths for Christmas Gift Stash (and for Quarterly Challenge)
Skinny Scarf/Bunny (Commissioned)
Chi Sweater (Commission)
Another pair of Socks-Christmas Gift Stash
Baby Kimono-Naomi Grace-3-1-08

I love this Gift Along. It really keeps me focused. Plus, its helping me to Stash Bust!

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vegasangelbrat said...

Good Job!!! The socks look great!