Friday, January 4, 2008

January Gift List

I absolutely love this idea! I was so stressed getting everything finished for Christmas gifts this year that I don't want the same thing to happen in 2008. I'm going to list all the gifts I need to knit as I think of them, so these deadlines will be further down in 2008.

  1. Broad Street Mittens/Anna/Christmas 2007/January 31st
    My girlfriend knows I'm working on something for her. She's a fellow knitter and told me not to stress over her gift :-) Wasn't that nice of her! I've got one mitten almost finished.
  2. Twining Vine Baby Blanket/Nesli/Before birth of niece/March 17th
    My sister picked out this baby blanket so I must finish it before baby is born! I started it but have only knit up about a foot. Its knit in 4 pieces so it will take a while.
  3. Helmet Liner/Dad/Christmas 2008/March 31st
    I meant to make this for my dad this year but ran out of time. He likes to go fishing when its cold so I thought this would help keep him warm :-) I already have the yarn for this.
  4. Elijah/Gina/New Baby Arrival/ASAP
    My friend has either just had her baby or is just about to, and this is my FAVORITE baby thing to knit. I just bought the yarn for this one today!
That's enough for now! I think some of these will roll over into next month, but that's ok :-)


indytricoter said...

Elijah is so cute.... I might have to buy that pattern. My brother's wife is pregnant and if it is a boy they may name it Elijah, wouldn't that be fitting! Thanks for sharing

Carol said...

Good list.

Elijah is really cute, but what I was most interested in seeing was the Twining Vine Baby Blanket, from the name it might suit some yarn I have. Unfortunately, the link points to the Broad Street Mittens.

Good luck.

Ceylan said...

Carol, if you check back for the Twining Vine pattern, I corrected the link! :-)