Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My first list of the year!

Hello all,
I just received my invitation to join the Year Long Gift-A-Long and I couldn't be happier, well unless I finally had my own yarn store that is.
And, in the spirit of the KAL, here is my list of "to be's" for January & February.
1.) Revontuli (Revontuli for more info) Shawl, truly beautiful and amazingly simple once you get the pattern in your head it kind of knits itself, and who can argue with that? Due date 4/??/2008 Due before Sunny goes into labor, hopefully well before labor so she can get used to having it around…
2.) Black hat for Kiki, like the one she saw in Urban Outfitters (hope she still likes it by then) Due date 10/12/2008
3.) White mittens for Rozz to go with the book he loves SO much! Due date 12/23/2008
4.) Fingerless gloves for Heather Due date 10/05/2008
5.) Crocheted "Spider Web" lovely. Due date 2/20/2008 -yes that means blocked too!

So, that is the January "Dream Team."

I had all of these lumped together in January on my blog, but let’s face it –who am I kidding? I will be lucky if I get January’s done by April.
So, in the interest of sanity and realism (highly over-rated I know), I am splitting the list into two months, and part of my daydreaming has been shuffled into February.
Wow! An unprecedented bit of logic if ever I’ve seen one. Hmmm; perhaps a sign of things to come?

So, with no further ado, I give you February:
1.) Sweater for Phoenix Due date 4/??/2008 (As in HER due date) I personally am betting on 4/10 but we shall see; she seems to have a mind of her own already –I wonder where she gets that... Hee Hee Hee
2.) Organic cotton hat for A for next Christmas Due date 11/25/2008; which actually gives me shipping time for Christmas
3.) Hemlock Ring in alpaca due 7/30/2008 -Happy Birthday to me –‘cause I am SO going to want to curl up under an alpaca cozy in July in California @ 99°! Right!
4.) Blue scarf for Luccas to guilt him into finishing my blue scarf
5.) Some spectacular lace shawl that I am currently writing the pattern for, I’ll let you know once the pattern is finalized.
6.) Something from the Loop-d-Loop Crochet book, just ‘cause I have to justify spending that much on a book. I will gift it to someone on my list once it's done and I see who it "looks like," especially since it's a 'stash buster' and I will be parting with a long cherished yarn so it needs to go to someone on Santa's "NICE" list.
And, sneaking in one March project, another lace shawl, either from A Gathering of Lace or Victorian Lace Today.
But strangely enough, making the list seemed to be harder than the actual knitting... go figure.
Grand ambitions, indeed.
Pictures to follow soon!
Happy knitting to one and all, and thank you SO much for including me in the fun!


BrownBerry said...

Great lists B!! You are making progress just by getting organized. That shaw pattern in your Jan list is stunning!! And if you complete the Nov Or December items by the end of this quarter, you'll be entered for the quarterly challenge - just a little extra nudge :)

KnittinChick said...

I love the shawl. I need to think of a friend who is a shawl person then I have the perfect excuse to make it.