Tuesday, January 15, 2008

one FO, one WIP, and challenge accepted

Here is my Wallaby for my son finished right on schedule. This was the first time that I ever did the Kitchener stitch and it took a few tries to get it right, but at long last I did! It was a fun knit and I think that I may try to make them for my other sons later on.

This is my second hat for the month for my friend's birthday which is this Sunday. I am doing a two color Odessa which I am enjoying and so far so good.

I have decided to accept the challenge because I felt that there were a number of people I might have made gifts for during the holidays, but I ran out of time. I am going to use the "gift basket" idea and make a few things and then as the holidays get closer I will decide who gets what. I am thinking of some headbands or maybe a bag. These projects will be on my February list.

It is so much fun to see everyone's projects! Thanks Marce for getting this organized.


BrownBerry said...

You are most welcome. That Wallaby looks great and the Odessa is lovely in 2 colors. Nice knitting!

KimT said...

great job! your son looks great in the Wallaby!

Jennifer said...

Nice finish on the Wallaby! I'd love to make one myself...if my queue wasn't already so long! lol! Great job :)

Purlygirly said...

I can't wait to see the Odessa and that Wallaby is fantastic!