Friday, February 1, 2008

Pheelya's February Goals

One month down and keeping up nicely! I over estimated my ability and time by putting so many large projects on my January list. The two items that still remain from my January list will obviously be moved into February. Both of those projects are over 70% done, so that's good. I decided that February will be a month of small projects considering I still have these two big projects and my first lace project on needles (Secret of the Stole ii). Silly me bought cobweb lace for my first lace project. The poor woman at the LYS where I bought the yarn tried her best to deter me from buy cobweb lace for my first project, but I just fell in lust with the berry-red colored yarn that I closed myself off to any sensible advice and bought it. Payment for my stubborness?? ... I have frogged and cast-on 4 times already!! *sigh* I'm taking it much slower this time and counting and recounting my stitiches every other row, and I have learned all about "lifelines" with lace knitting. I WILL be adding these into my lace knitting practice!

This first lace project has been so frustrating and yet I am determine to knit lace, so crazy determined that I joined two other lace KALs! (Dem Fischer sin Fru & Mystic Light Mystery Shawl) Color me crazy!

*** WhoDuKnit Mystery KAL - not sure for who - Christmas 2008 - January 31st
*** Christening blanket - Madelyn - baby gift - January 31st
*** Lace Baby Beenie - Madelyn - baby gift - January 31st
*** Waves Scarf - Sister - La Befana - January 6th moved to January 31st due to yarn shortage!
*** Fairy Blanket - niece - finishing from Christmas - January 31st

1. Valentine's Day Shawl - me - just because - February 29th
2. Thumbelina Hat - Madelyn - Valentine's Day - February 8th
3. Leaf Top Hat - Madelyn - Valentine's Day - February 8th
4. 30 squares for Stained Glass afghan - ?? - Christmas 08 - February 29th (this will be a year long project as the afghan requires 357 squares!!)
5. Fetchings - sister - Christmas 08 - February 29th

1. Secret of the Stole ii KAL - maybe Mom- ?? - March 31st
2. Dem Fischer sin Fru stole - no clue yet - ?? - March 31st

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laughing purple goldfish said...

I haven't worked with cobweb lace before... but it sounds challenging!

yay you! for attempting and re-attempting the challenge

let us know how it goes, I'm looking forward to seeing pics