Friday, January 11, 2008

Progress report... and challenge acceptance.

1. Baby Wrap Sweater. For Kahlan. All I have left to do is sew on ties and weave in ends. Finish by Jan 5. Finished.
2. 86-10 Headband by DROPS design (aka Panta). For me, Rav One Skein KAL project. Finish by Jan 15. In progress.
3. Fuzzy Baby Sweater from One Skein Wonders. For Kahlan. Finish by Jan 31. Finished
4. Cable Panel Gloves. For me. If I have time, and can get the right needles. Finish by Jan 31.

5. Police Tape Scarf. For my DH Rickey. DH veto. *sigh*
6. Pinwheel Baby Blanket. For Kahlan. Finish by Valentine's Day. In progress.
7. (One Skein KAL Feb Project) Finish by Feb 28.
8. Circular Poncho. For my cousin Tiffany. It's only 2 years late... Finish by Feb 28. In progress.

Advent calendar has been pushed back to be a 2nd half of the year project, because I'm going for the 1st quarter challenge. Every year I have a few female relatives that I have NO IDEA what to get them for Christmas. Well, this year they are getting circular scrubbies and square dishcloths. 3 of each for each person. For 6 people. So thats 18 scrubbies and 18 dishcloths. I aim to have half finished by Kahlan's DDay, thus fulfilling the challenge, and the other half finished by June.


BrownBerry said...

Wonderful!! You're gonna do it, I have fait in you - and these are a great idea, portable, repeatable and very useful gifts.

Got my pom poms out for ya!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Excellent list. YAY!