Sunday, January 27, 2008

Two gifts ready

The post on my blog:

Time to show some finished knitting, and a gift. The Hotchpotch mittens are ready - they are done in CPY Bunny Hop. I like the colour combination, but was not entirely pleased with the thumb as it was before. Now I think it suits better. It makes me feel hungry... so tomorrow will be hotchpotch day!

The Little Toes are showing socks in Little Toes - comfortable and warm for tiny feet. Wietse loves these, as he already demonstrated by trying to take off my wrist warmer from my hand. LOL! Now he can play with his socks.

The gift was a belated Secret Gnome Exchange, from KyleAnn (Yahoo Sockathon group!) So many goodies. Thank you KyleAnn!

The mittens were on my January list. These are done. These were point 4 on my knit list for January.
The socks were not directly planned, but a fun knit. My son tried them on, but they are put away until his birthday on March 20. These socks are point 7 on my knit list.


suzenew said...

Oooo - those mittens are so lovely!
the socks are great too and I bet he will be excited again when they show up on his birthday.

lpg said...

am loving the colours in those mittens... nice choice, and beautifully crafted


Jennifer said...

Such cute little socks! Nice work :)

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

Very nicely done!!

Please send me an email so I can confirm who should get credit for these finishes (is that you Bianca?)