Friday, February 1, 2008

Carrie's February List

I have some carryovers from January, but I have high hopes for this month!
  • Two baby socks for the Baby Sock Advent Calendar / Family / Holiday season / December 1st
  • Bonnet and booties / friend's baby due in March / Baby due date / March ?? (won't matter if it's too late but nice to have it there before the actual baby!)
    (Saartje's booties and bonnet from either Last Minute Knitted Gifts or Hello Yarn, depending on yarn I decide to use!)
  • Golf club cover / Mom / Birthday / late March
    (ultimately will be a full set but for this goal it's just one to determine if it fits properly!)
  • Felted Yoga Mat Bag / MIL / Birthday / late March
** I'll be glad when spring is past -- my entire family seem to have birthdays this time of year!

First Quarterly Challenge:
  • Shedir hat / SIL #2 / Christmas / December
  • Fetchings / friend's mom / Christmas / December

1 comment:

laughing purple goldfish said...

thanks... you've reminded me about th e advent socks... they're going on my feb list now