Monday, February 18, 2008

February is half-gone... an Update

This month has been fantastic for stashburning and filling the gift pile. Here's my update so far:

1. Baby socks/ for mystery baby/ FO
2. Green Frivol Hat/ Xmas '08 pile/ FO
3. EZ's BSJ with stash Lamb's Pride random superwash remnants/ for one of the babies/ FO
4. (added) EZ's BSJ, shortened to Bolero length/ for the other baby/ FO
5. Simple ankle socks from stashed Regia sock yarn/ a co-worker, Xmas '08/ Feb. 28th

As you can see, I have several pairs of friends who are having their first child later this year, one in Brevard, NC and one in New Zealand. My friends in Nova Scotia are trying to conceive their second child, so I figured three baby gifts this month would be a safe bet.

I'm also making my 2nd pair of Anemoi mittens, but these are for me. Also, I've been commissioned by a student's mother to knit her a hat, which I'm doing with a stashed blue skein of Lamb's Pride. Yup, my yarn diet continues... all the projects in this post have been done with stashed yarn! Hooray!

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