Thursday, February 7, 2008

February List Becky L

WOW February already I can not believe how fast time goes. I have roll over stuff on my list this month.

1. Sweater for my moms Bday in March-Roll over
2. Sweater for my sons bday in March-Roll over
3. 5 Wash cloths for my socksforsoldiers group-Roll over

4. Sweater for my unborn nephew for the shower-New
5. Pair of mittens for my son- New

I really need to keep going this month because having two sweaters due next month will make for lots of knitting. I do not knit everyday because I get board of my projects fast. But I really want to keep up this year. Thanks group for being here. Keep up all the great work!!!

TTFN Becky L


Sasha said...

Hopefully being on this KAL will give you the encouragement and motivation to finish those jumpers! Just do a little each day and you'll get there :)

laughing purple goldfish said...

maybe keep the variety up a bit by working on one jumper one night, and another one the next... it will be so worth it when they are finished