Monday, March 3, 2008

February Re-cap, March List, FO's

 I obviously was just a bit tooo ambitious about my knitting speed in February, so the March list is going to be shorter. I managed to get the baby PeaPod set finished in time to give to the mom-to-be while I was visiting. 

I was totally thrilled to get it done in time. The socks and nintendo cozy are almost done, and I'll have those finished this week for sure. So for March:

1. Baby Booties to match the peapod sweater, future cousin, July
2. Socks, me, just because
3. Wash Cloths, gift box, just in case
4. Fetching, christmas gift box
5. Continue work on 'scarf for alley' for grandmother, birthday, october


Sasha said...

Gorgeous! And a good-looking March list - glad to see there's something for YOU on there too :)

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh that is precious!! Great job its gorgeous! Lucky baby to receive it!