Thursday, March 27, 2008

March FO and revisited list

Hi all... I can't believe March is almost over... I finshed the lace scarf (don't have the pattern link handy, but it's in Ravelry if you're interested).

Mist Lace Scarf-blocked

Here's my modified March list:

Carryover: Celtic Cable bag/S bday/March 16 => DONE
Wrap Cardi /Isabel/March 22 => DONE
Thrummed Mitts/DF/March 31 (getting too warm - will add to future winter list!)
Malabrigo Lace scarf/Xmas/March 31 => DONE
Jaywalker Socks/tbd/March 31 - doubt I'll finish these, but have a couple of days left!

- JavaNut


Sara said...


suzenew said...

that scarf looks so great! i just added it to my ravelry queue

Sasha said...

What gorgeous elegant lace :) Keep up the great work!