Sunday, April 13, 2008

April FOs

Hello fellow gifters!

I've got two (#s 1 & 3) of my April items completed...

Green Celtic Tote... sadly, this is gifted to myself because a) I missed part of one cable's outlining and didn't realize until after I felted it, and b) it's a bit wonky despite much stretching. So not gift-worthy, but I still like it. Someday I may try to outline the part I missed, but I don't want to felt the bag anymore or it will lose the cable definition.

Green Celtic Tote

(made with Lamb's Pride Worsted)

I'm much happier with Carie Lynn Bag from SheKnitsforKnitters. It was a fun and relatively quick knit. This one is made with Valley Yarns Berkshire.


This bag will be donated to a raffle at a women's retreat next weekend.

Have great rest of the weekend!


LeAnn said...

I love the Celtic bag. Was it too difficult? I haven't done much with cables, but I love them.

JavaNut said...

It wasn't difficult - just need to read the chart carefully since it's not symetrical. And read the text along with the chart...there are some decreases on the 'edge' stitches so I recommend marking the chart on those rows so you don't forget.

vegasangelbrat said...

oh what beautiful bags! Good job!

Sasha said...

They both look fabulous! And I'm glad you get tokeep the celtic one! :)