Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hello GALs! I'm posting a quick recap of all the greatness that came out of this blog in Q1 along with a few housekeeping notes.

First, let's raise our pom poms HIGH for this quarter's Fabulous Finishers!

Those who completed FIFTEEN gifts or more - WOO HOO!:

JavaNut (aka Debra)
Michelle W in Oz

Those who completed 10-14 gifts
DianaT, laughing purple goldfish, Leigh Ann, Pheelya, the Holistic Knitter, Victoria S

Those who completed 5-9 gifts
Barbara M, Bee R, Bianca B, Deborah, indytricoter, Janlyn, Jennifer (yawnover), Jessica K., Lizzie K8, Manda, Michelle M, Monica M, NH Knitting Mama, Rima, Sara M, Sasha, Suzenew, Valerie M-P,

Those who completed up to 5 gifts
Angela T, Becky L, Beth B, Birgit, Bonnie O, Carrie Y, Casey, Catherine H, Cathy H, CindyH, Cycling Knitter, Elizabeth M, Emma, Erika, Feralmama, Hayley, J Sins, Jacky C, Jadielady, Jan S, Jenny C, Joslyn, Kim M, KimT, KnittinChick, L'Tanya, LeAnn, lilknitter, Melanie N, Milly, Morrighan, Nicole aka BigSister, Purly Girly, Rachel W, Saffron, Sally V, Sarah, SheWhoMust, Sydney C, Tamiko (Spatial Stitches),

Those names and stars represent a whole lot of time and loving effort. Give yourself a BIG HUG for that (and throw in one from me too). If you're not up there and should be, please email mamamarce@gmail.com.


For Q2, I will not be doing the star tracking as we did in Q1. I love the idea of showing these sparkly markers of your finishes, but the time it takes to keep up with you speedy gifters means that sometimes I fall behind and someone doesn't get a star (or 3) when they should :(

For this quarter, if you have accepted and completed the Q2 Challenge, you will see a star by your name to indicate your # of entries (remember the bonus entry for knitting BIG for a Q4 gift). Please also tag your posts with Q2 Challenge FO. This will help me to track all the Challengers and their entries.

There will also be a prize drawing from all of you who post finishes out here for April, May, or June, so each time you finish something, please tag your post with Q2 FO. I will compile these at the end of June and draw from those names for some extra special goodies.

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