Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Q2 Challenge - Go BIG!

The 2nd quarter of 2008 is already here and I am so pleased with how many handmade gifts you all have already put out into the world :) As you know, one of our main goals as a group is to avoid the last minute rush that comes along with trying to finish gifts for special occasions and holidays.

For the second quarter...we're going to do some BIG gifting!

To qualify for the Q2 challenge, you must:

1. Choose your biggest, most challenging, or potentially longest project endeavor for this year.
2. Post the chosen project and it's details out here.
3. Post progress photos and descriptions (and cries for help and/or support) out here.
4. Post FO photos and details by June 30 . Email to let me know.
5. Dance a jig.***

***This one is optional, but you'd be surprised how tempted you'll be.

**Knit, crochet, sew BIG!**
Each person can have up to TWO entries, and you'll get a bonus entry if your item is one that you plan to give in the last quarter of the year (October through December).

Need more motivation??'s the prize you're going for...

The new Jordana Paige knitting bag, Bella in bronze
(prize and photo courtesy of Jordana at

As always, PM or email me with your intention to accept the challenge, your FOs and any questions you may have(


Bee said...

Oh yeah!
I am SO into the idea of going big. I don't care what they say, sometimes size does matter. (Oops! Hope I didn't offend anyone; elves, gnomes...)
Give me a minute, a "big" minute, to decide what to put on my list.
But I am definitely in.
Thank you for the great motivation!
Bee R

vegasangelbrat said...

Yep, I'm in again too!! I know I have a shrug that I've been wanting to make myself, give myself at Need a few to think! Get back with ya!


Diana said...

Count me in - I bought the yarn for Cobblestone pullover a while back - the perfect gift for my son-in-law. Now I'm motivated to cast on!

Pheelya said...

I have a question. What if you already have a project (or two) like this in progress? Can it count or does it have to be something that one hasn't started yet??

Marce (BrownBerry) said...

Hi Pheelya and Challengers - Regarding WIPs for the challenge, the short answer is yes, WIPs count but with a bit of clarification.
Since the spirit of this is to relieve as much stress from gift knitting as possible, this challenge is mostly meant to get your biggest item for the year done by the end of June. We’re all doing great on the honor system etc so if you know that this is in fact your biggest/longest project for the year, then throw your hat in and we’ll be cheering you on to finish it by June!

manoellimoeiro544 said...
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L'Tanya said...

Count me in as well. I'll be making an hourglass afghan, which is made up of pieces that have to be connected. It's definitely the kind of thing I would put off, so this challenge will give me the kick in the pants that I need to start and finish it.